Melbourne MicroCerts

The Future of Women at Work

This Melbourne MicroCert series explores how automation is changing the work we do, and the related gender trends and implications. It will arm you with a fundamental understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation – and how these could affect your profession.

Led by Professor Leah Ruppanner of the University of Melbourne’s The Future of Work Lab, you will explore how our current technological wave differs from those of the past. You will gain accessible insights into concepts such as big data, algorithms, AI and automation. Crucially, you will explore which skills will be sought after in future workplaces – and how to attain them.

This Melbourne MicroCert is part of our Future of Women at Work series, which examines the policy, digital skills and interpersonal approaches necessary to establish gender equity in our future workplaces. The series also provides a pathway into the Master of Social Policy.