The future of personal finance in Australia

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The FinFuture Project

At The University of Melbourne, an interdisciplinary team of academics has been developing an alternative way forward based on the premise that the core objective of the sector as it relates to personal finance should be the improvement of individual financial wellbeing.

In our white paper, we propose a preliminary road map with a number of propositions and key steps that are necessary to get the sector to best fulfil its purpose, given the challenges it faces and the environment in which it operates. This vision was formed over the course of eighteen months. It was inspired by academic research in finance, economics, service science, decision science, law and regulation, and technology. It is outcome-focused and institution-agnostic; that is, agnostic with regards to the particular institutions that will deliver those outcomes. It was developed with a ten-year horizon in mind.

The FinFuture Team

The FinFuture team is made up of a cross-disciplinary group of academics from The Faculty of Business and Economics, Melbourne Law School, and the Melbourne School of Engineering, assisted by a researcher in The School of Social and Political Sciences (Anthropology).

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