This page lists preprints and peer-reviewed publications since 2020 by current members of the centre. Earlier publications are available on PubMed and Google Scholar.

Preprints and manuscripts under review

Keidel, K., Lu, X., Suzuki, S., Murawski, C., & Ettinger, U. Association of temporal discounting with transdiagnostic symptom dimensions. [under review, manuscript available on request]

Lu, X., Keidel, K., Ettinger, U., Murawski, C., & Suzuki, S. Psychiatric symptoms are associated with poor performance and enhanced metacognition in computationally complex decisions. [under review, manuscript available on request]

Lu, X., Murawski, C., Bossaerts, P., & Suzuki, S. Estimating self-performance when making complex decisions. psyRxiv. [preprint]

Bossaerts, P., Franco, J. P., Hsu, A., Murawski, C., & Yadav, N. How well can humans approximate optimality in computationally hard problems? [under review, manuscript available on request]

Franco, J. P., Bossaerts, P., & Murawski, C. The neural dynamics associated with computational complexity. bioRxiv. [preprint]

Bossaerts, P., Bowman, E., Fattinger, F., Huang, H., Lee, M., Murawski, C., Suthakar, A., Tang, S., & Yadav, N. Resource allocation, computational complexity, and market design. SSRN. [preprint]

Bowman, E., Feng, B., Murawski, C., & Bossaerts, P. Surveying The Use Of Pharmaceutical Cognitive Enhancers In The Australian Financial Services Industry. SSRN. [preprint]

Peer-reviewed  publications

Alós-Ferrer, C., Garagnani, M. Improving risky-choice predictions using response times. Journal of Political Economy: Microeconomics, accepted.

Haining, C.M., Tiller, J., Otlowski, M., McInerney-Leo, A., Gleeson, P., Murawski, C., Lacaze, P., Keogh, L.A. Financial advisers’ and key informants’ perspectives on the industry-led moratorium on the use of genetic information by life insurers in Australia. Public Health Genomics, accepted.

Bossaerts, F., Yadav, N., Bossaerts, P., Nash, C., Todd, T., Rudolf, T., Hutchins, R., Ponsonby, A.-L. & Mattingly, K. (2023), ‘Price formation in field prediction markets: the wisdom in the crowd’, Journal of Financial Markets, in press.

Yadav, N., Sardina, S.  A Declarative Approach to Compact Controllers for FOND Planning via Answer Set Programming. Proceedings of the 26th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence ECAI 2023, accepted.

Keidel, K., Pantelis, C., Murawski, C., Ettinger, U. The Relationship Between Schizotypal Personality Traits and Temporal Discounting: The Role of the Date/Delay Effect. Schizophrenia Bulletin, accepted.

Fodor, J., De Deyne, S., Suzuki, S.  The Importance of Context in the Evaluation of Word Embeddings: The Effects of Antonymy and Polysemy.  Proceedings of 15th International Conference on Computational Semantics (IWCS 2023), in press.

Franco, J. P., Murawski, C. (2023). Harnessing Computational Complexity Theory to Model Human Decision-making and Cognition. Cognitive Science, 47(6), e13304. [article]

Bowman, E., Murawski, C., Coghill, D., & Bossaerts, P. (2023). Not so smart? “Smart drugs” increase the level but decrease the efficacy of cognitive effort. Science Advances, 9, eadd4165. [article]

Suzuki, S., Zhang, X., Dezfouli, A., Braganza, L., Fulcher, B. D., Parkes, L., Fontenelle, L. F., Harrison, B. J., Murawski, C., Yücel, M., & Suo, C. (2023). Individuals with problem gambling and obsessive-compulsive disorder learn through distinct reinforcement mechanisms. PLOS Biology, 21(3), e3002031. [article]

Franco, J. P., Doroc, K., Yadav, N., Bossaerts, P., & Murawski, C. (2022). Task-independent metrics of computational hardness predict human cognitive performance. Scientific Reports, 12(1), 12914. [article]

Hamamoto, Y., Suzuki, S., & Sugiura, M. (2022). Two components of body-image disturbance are differentially associated with distinct eating disorder characteristics in healthy young women. PLOS ONE, 17(1), e0262513. [article]

Keidel, K., Ettinger, U., Murawski, C., & Polner, B. (2022). The network structure of impulsive personality and temporal discounting. Journal of Research in Personality, 96, 104166. [article]

Keidel, K., Ettinger, U., Murawski, C., & Polner, B. (2022). Corrigendum to “The network structure of impulsive personality and temporal discounting” Journal of Research in Personality, 98, 104241. [article]

Clark, J. W., Daykin, H., Metha, J. A., Allocca, G., Hoyer, D., Drummond, S. P. A., & Jacobson, L. H. (2021). Manipulation of rapid eye movement sleep via orexin and GABAA receptor modulators differentially affects fear extinction in mice: Effect of stable versus disrupted circadian rhythm. Sleep, 44(9), zsab068. [article]

Franco, J. P., Yadav, N., Bossaerts, P., & Murawski, C. (2021). Generic properties of a computational task predict human effort and performance. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 104, 102592. [article]

Levorsen, M., Ito, A., Suzuki, S., & Izuma, K. (2021). Testing the reinforcement learning hypothesis of social conformity. Human Brain Mapping, 42(5), 1328–1342. [article]

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Katahira, K., Kunisato, Y., Yamashita, Y., & Suzuki, S. (2020). Commentary: A robust data-driven approach identifies four personality types across four large data sets. Frontiers in Big Data, 3, 8. [article]

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Motoki, K., & Suzuki, S. (2020). Extrinsic Factors Underlying Food Valuation in the Human Brain. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 14, 131. [article]

Motoki, K., Suzuki, S., Kawashima, R., & Sugiura, M. (2020). A Combination of Self-Reported Data and Social-Related Neural Measures Forecasts Viral Marketing Success on Social Media. Journal of Interactive Marketing, 52, 99–117. [article]

Suzuki, S., & O’Doherty, J. P. (2020). Breaking human social decision making into multiple components and then putting them together again. Cortex, 127, 221–230. [article]

Tanaka, D., Aoki, R., Suzuki, S., Takeda, M., Nakahara, K., & Jimura, K. (2020). Self-Controlled Choice Arises from Dynamic Prefrontal Signals That Enable Future Anticipation. Journal of Neuroscience, 40(50), 9736–9750. [article]

Voigt, K., Murawski, C., Speer, S., & Bode, S. (2020). Effective brain connectivity at rest is associated with choice‐induced preference formation. Human Brain Mapping, 41(11), 3077–3088. [article]

Yadav, N., Murawski, C., Sadina, S., & Bossaerts, P. (2020). Is Hardness Inherent In Computational Problems? Performance Of Human And Digital Computers On Random Instances Of The 0-1 Knapsack Problem. In Proceedings of the 24th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2020) (Vol. 325, pp. 498–505). [conference proceeding]

Other publications

Breidbach, C., Culnane, C., Godwin, A., Murawski, C., & Sear, C. (2019). FinFuture: The Future of Personal Finance in Australia. White paper, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne.

Murawski, C. (2014). Funding retirement. In G. Blashki & H. Sykes (Eds.), Living Life Loving Life Young & Old (pp. 149–166). Future Leaders.