Our Research

We investigate human and machine decision-making in the presence of complexity, at the level of brain, mind and markets

Research projects

We do theoretical and empirical research addressing fundamental questions in individual decision-making and markets, with the aim to identify new ways to improve both human and machine decision-making. Our work integrates knowledge and methods from decision and game theory with neurobiology, economics and finance, psychology and computer science. Most of our empirical work is based on laboratory experiments.

Our research is organised around three themes: complexity, learning, social interaction, and markets. A list of current and past projects is available on our Research Themes page.


A list of publications by lab members is available on the publications page.

Research training

We offer research training at both Honours and PhD level. To find out about doing Honours with us, visit the Honours in Finance site. If you are interested in doing a PhD with us, please go to the page of our inter-disciplinary PhD program in decision science (Decision, Risk and Financial Sciences) for more information.

Take part

You can take part in our experiments. We are always looking for participants.

Most of our experiments take place on the University of Melbourne Parkville campus. An experiment typically lasts between one and three hours. Participants are compensated for their time.

Click here to find out which experiments we are currently recruiting for and what's involved in participating.

Software engineering

We also develop software for both research and commercial purposes. Our lab has been closely involved in the development of FLEX-E-MARKETS, a platform for online, continuous double auction markets. We use FLEX-E-MARKETS in our research on asset pricing as well as in our teaching. We also develop market mechanisms and trading algorithms.