Animals, Ethics and Technology: Towards Digital Rights for Animals Event Reccording

The Centre for AI and Digital Ethics’ with our Co-hosts the Animal Welfare Science Centre were pleased to present this panel on Animals, Ethics and Technology.

Friday 25 June, 1pm.

In a digital world, the design and deployment of technologies must be carefully considered. While many experts around the world work to ensure ethical human engagement, it is important to also think about the role technology plays with animals. Are we making technology that centres animal’s rights? Is the use of technology ethical in our homes, animal shelters, zoos and farms? Can this technology help to better the lives of animals or ensure sustainable environmental outcomes? Are these technologies being designed for the benefit of our pets or just for the benefit of us?

This panel is a discussion by experts in the field of animal-computer-interaction. Their work looks at technologies that are used on and made for animals, aiming to use improve outcomes for wildlife and habitats under threat. Our panel, Dr Mia Cobb, Animal Welfare Science Centre, Dr Simon Coghlan, Senior Research Fellow in Digital Ethics and Dr Sarah Webber, Human-Computer Interaction Group, bring a cross-disciplinary perspective to the consideration of the ethics, rights, design and deployment of technology for animals.

Animals, Ethics and Technology: Towards digital rights for animals is the second seminar in the Centre for AI and Digital Ethics’ series ‘Technology and the World Around Us.’