AI in Private Spaces Seminar Series

What technology are we bringing into our lives? What spaces does it occupy? Between the tables and chairs of our dinner table, in our classrooms, on the couch, in the places we go when we are ill, in the hands of our children.. How do we feel about having technology in these spaces? And once we let in it, where do we go from here?

An image of a kitchen with holographic interfaces on various appliances, providing information about e.g. the contents of the fridge, the food in the microwave, the temperature of the tap water.

The Centre for AI and Digital Ethics, through our projects and seed funding grants, have been working on the questions of AI in Private Spaces. Our projects are cross-disciplinary, bring together experts from Law, Computer Science, Public Health, Philosophy, Culture and Communication, Art and Composition. From now until the end of the year we have an online and offline program of events, workshops and exhibitions to showcase the work we are doing to understand the implications of AI in Private Spaces.

Join us for our series of events, hear & see the work of our researchers and think about the AI in your life.

Also, watch out for:

Scrape Elergy in SWARM at the Science Gallery, Monday 8th August until November

Virtual Assistants Project Launch, Thursday 8th September

ACCAN Chatbots Public Seminar, Friday 9th September