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The University of Melbourne is proud to have more than 450,000 living alumni across the world.

Alumni community

The University of Melbourne alumni community is made up of more than 450,000 alumni living and working in more than 150 countries. We offer a range of events, benefits, career resources as well as volunteering and mentoring programs to continue your relationship with the university and each other.


Membership of the University of Melbourne alumni community is free and extended to all those who have successfully completed a University of Melbourne accredited, Award-level* course (including Professional and Specialist Certificates of 25 points or more), been awarded an honorary degree, completed at least one year of full-time study at the University, or in the case of international students, completed a semester-length study abroad program at the University.

*Award courses are those that lead to a formal award of the University as determined by the Academic Board. These award courses require the obtainment of a minimum of 25 points.

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