Trusts at the University

Managing trusts

As the trustee of perpetual charitable trusts established by gifts, the University is very conscious of its obligation to administer each trust in accordance with the trust terms specified by each donor.

Deans and Heads of Departments are accountable for expenditure from trust funds in accordance with the terms of each trust.

The Vice-Chancellor is ultimately responsible for the proper administration and performance of all trusts of which the University is the trustee, and reports annually to the Council of the University regarding the conduct of those trusts.

The effective management and administration of trusts at the University is a collective responsibility, with the Trusts Group overseeing the conduct of the trusts generally.

The Advancement Office produces an annual Report to Donors and Endowment Reports (summarising the financial status and recent performance details) on individual trusts for donors or their families.


Statute 10.3 - Trusts Governance

Management Statement (pdf)

Collective responsibility

Recording the terms of a trust

Investment and financial management

Trust income commission

Compliance program



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