Trusts at the University

Value of gifts

In accepting a gift that creates a perpetual charitable trust, the University accepts the responsibility of acting as trustee of that trust in perpetuity.

The University requests that any gift establishing a perpetual charitable trust have a minimum value on acceptance of $50,000.  A gift of this value should generate sufficient income to finance indefinitely the purpose specified by the donor, depending on the trust terms.

Advancement staff at the University will guide donors by explaining:

Where a donor proposes making a gift that establishes a charitable trust of which the University is the trustee, Advancement staff will assist the donor regarding the level of income that is required to adequately support a particular purpose, so that the donor may specify a purpose for a gift that makes best use of the income derived from that gift.

It is important that a donor discuss a proposed gift with the University, to ensure that where appropriate or otherwise practical, the proposed value of the gift matches the current and projected costs of the ongoing benefit that the donor wishes to confer.


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