Custom education

Unique challenges often require unique solutions. We can help by developing a fully customised program, targeted to your specific business needs.

Every organisation has its own challenges and strengths, and we work with businesses of all sizes to develop customised solutions which make the most efficient and effective use of your team’s time. A tailored approach to workplace education ensures our program is 100% focussed on your unique business needs – helping to solve your problems and seize your opportunities.

We can build a solution across almost any topic – or even a complex mix of topics. Below are some of our popular choices, as a starting point for inspiration.

Areas of customised training

Drawing on the University’s cutting-edge insights and innovation from world-class pedagogical practice, we create interdisciplinary products that solve real-world challenges and provide outstanding learner experiences.

Big data
Business processing
Climate change
Diversity training

Six-step approach to training design

Our six-step process gives your organisation visibility of every step of the journey, breaking down the end-to-end process of training design, development and delivery into a series of identifiable tasks.

Our six-step approach to training design: 1. Discover, 2. Design, 3. Develop, 4. Deliver, 5. Support, 6. Evaluate.
  1. Discover

    Clearly defined strategic, organisational and learning outcomes that challenge current thinking while outlining impact and success measures.

  2. Design

    Co-create activities and assessment with academics and establish evaluation and implementation guidelines for desired impact.

  3. Develop

    Set parameters for success and develop and execute content through specialist delivery teams.

  4. Deliver

    Project management with regular updates on project status and participant progress.

  5. Support

    If required, student support available via email, live chat, phone, forums and webinars with feedback captured and utilised to track and optimise outcomes.

  6. Evaluate

    Full analysis conducted against initial measurement criteria with post training support, revision, renewal and maintenance.


Our Capabilities

Project Management

Our project management teams ensure courses are developed to agreed timeframes and objectives, and all academic, creative and technical work is up to date.

Learning Design

The learning design team utilises their expertise in educational technology to analyse, design, develop, implement and evaluate processes and tools to assist learning.


Spanning technology, video production, graphic design and animation and motion graphics, our production teams provide the technical expertise to administer the learning platform, manage events, course and webinars, and ensure best practise in design and user experience, and set a compelling visual style.


Out support team can assist with administrative support, technical advice and support, course information and student onboarding.

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