Seven perks of being a University of Melbourne student

So you’ve taken the next step in your career and accepted your offer at the University of Melbourne. Congratulations! As a student you’ll get more than just a globally-recognised education. Here’s a list of handy perks to help you get the most out of your time at the University, whether you’re on campus or studying online.

You’ll find getting a student card will open up a lot of opportunities for you. Check out the easiest way to get your student card here, whether you’re on campus or off.

Find your community

The University isn’t just a place of learning, it’s a whole community. The Student Union offers everything from free expert legal advice to regular free meditation classes.And look into the university’s chaplaincy services, multiple faith communities and numerous places of worship.

Join a grad group

Joining a club isn’t just a social exercise. It can be a great way to meet new connections and extend your professional network. From the Biosciences Postgraduate Society to the Bengali Cultural Club, from SYNAPSE, for those with an interest in neuroscience, to the Space Program, who are working towards putting a University of Melbourne satellite into space,you’ll find grad groups for just about every professional interest and social set. As well as clubs and societies the Graduate Student Association offers all manner of academic and professional support, from thesis boot camps to work skills advice.

Free and cheap health services

Studying can involve some financial sacrifices, but your health shouldn’t be one of them. If you’re on campus, the Health Service bulk bills for current students with a Medicare card. There are also mental health services available, a dental clinic, and an eyecare clinic. If you’re off campus, your student card gives you access to countless other clinics. Ask your local GP.

Deals Deals Deals

Even if you’re studying off campus and out of Melbourne, student discounts are everywhere. Websites like Unidays and Student Edge catalogue offers from clothing to newspaper subscriptions to restaurants. Cinemas, salons, bookstores and cafes often offer discounts. All you have to do is ask. The words “Do you have a student discount?” will become second nature to you.

Life on the Parkville campus

Educational facilities aside, the University of Melbourne’s Parkville campus is just a nice place to be, with plenty of communal spaces, constant events, and a real sense of community. Some of our favourite on-campus perks include more events and gatherings than you could hope to attend, a weekly farmers market, and the great coffee.

Debate as to the best coffee on campus is ongoing - some stand by Standing Room, with two locations in the Union building and the School of Design. Others stick to House of Cards, just off Wilson Avenue - a socially conscious brewer donating a portion of profits to a selection of charities, chosen by customers.

Get Kanopy

Exhausted Netflix? Use your university credentials to access Kanopy, the best streaming service you’ve never heard of. Netflix, Stan and SBS On Demand are good, but Kanopy digs deeper, with a world class collection of smart and thoughtful films, many of which are unavailable anywhere else. You’ll find a broad selection of Australian classics, thoughtful documentaries, art films and international award winners. A quick trawl through their current catalogue revealed classic comedy Muriel’s Wedding, the Godfather trilogy and enlightening documentaries like I Am Not Your Negro and The Act of Killing. Because it’s funded by a global network of libraries and universities, there are no fees and no ads.

Gym membership and fitness

Membership of Melbourne University Sport gets you unlimited use of the Strength and Fitness Gym at the Beaurepaire Centre and Lincoln Square Fitness, unlimited access to group fitness classes, and a free session with a trainer. Off campus, many gyms offer student discounts.

This list is the start - there's plenty more to discover as a student of the University of Melbourne. Get your student card today and start exploring.

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