Excel in the dynamic community services sector with professional development

Develop a brighter future in the community services sector with professional development

According to a Department of Employment report, the community services sector is predicted to grow faster than any other industry in the next five years. With approximately one million Australians experiencing mental ill-health, community service and social work practitioners are in high demand. While tertiary education can help build your foundations as a practitioner, continuing education can provide you with a unique opportunity to fine-tune those skills and prepare you to face future challenges - and to make a bigger difference to your community.

Gain insight into the latest research

As mental health, homelessness and family services become bigger issues, social workers, counsellors and caseworkers must stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Continuing education courses can help you do just that: update your practice, gain access the latest research, knowledge and evidence-informed practice, and flex your critical thinking skills - and build your career in the process.

Fine-tune your policy knowledge and practice

Continuing education gives you the opportunity to push your boundaries and reinvigorate your practice through in-depth practical training. With flexible online delivery, there's also an opportunity to engage with industry experts and peers on an international scale, allowing you to grow your professional network.

Become a pioneer in your field

The community services sector is constantly changing, and there's plenty of space for practitioners to innovate. Continuing education can help you get a broader understanding of the bigger picture, prompt you to develop critical thinking and and identify opportunities to push the industry forward. This will also allow you to think beyond the short-term and equip yourself with the necessary tools to become a leader in your field, and make a bigger impact.

As the community services sector continues to grow, practitioners need to develop with it. Whether you’re ready to take your career to the next level, or want to develop your skillset in your current role, continuing education can help you prepare for these changes.

Take the plunge and take your career further, your future-self will thank you.

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