Eight reasons why returning to study is easier than you think

Continuing your education boosts your career and gives you the edge in your workplace. But with your uni days a distant memory and your career in full swing, the idea of opening the books again can seem daunting.

Here are eight ways that the University of Melbourne makes it easy to keep learning and grow your career, from flexible study options to support services.

Courses designed for busy professionals

It’s not all about attending lectures. A lot of University of Melbourne courses are designed to fit into the lives of working professionals, from practicing surgeons to teachers to Human Resources managers. This might mean entirely online courses, or intensive teaching days followed by self-directed study crafted to fit around full-time work. You might want to dip in slowly, with a short course or a part-time study load - you can always change it up later.

Get mentored

If you’re apprehensive about meeting new people and adjusting to study life, the University of Melbourne Student Union’s mentorship network can help link you into the University’s student community.

A built-in support network

Everyone runs into the odd roadblock while studying, from subject enrolment to technology issues. The student support team are on hand at every juncture to help. Get in touch with any difficulties or questions about enrolment options, navigating the University’s systems and student platforms, and understanding your options when you need time away from study.

On-campus childcare

With two on-campus facilities, it’s easy to bring your kids to uni with you.

Find vital health and personal support

For those on campus, there’s a huge amount of support on offer to keep you healthy and focused, from bulk-billed medical services provided by experienced doctors to free yoga and meditation classes. There are also counselling services available, with online counselling options for those studying by distance.

Get academic help

Been a while since you wrote an essay? Our Academic Skills team work all year round, with workshops, one-on-one meetings and plenty of online resources to help you brush up your skills, including the Academic Skills Hub, a moderated online community for easy advice and discussion.

The University's library resources are also accessible to all students, online, anywhere.

Employers love it

With courses designed to build your career and further your professional development, many employers will help you return to study - even paying your fees.

The pros outweigh the cons

It takes time, effort and commitment to go back to study, but it’s worth it. Continuing your education keeps your mind sharp and gives you a professional edge on your competitors. And with all this support available, it’s never been easier.

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