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Urban Forests Masterclass: the Australian School of Urban Forestry


2020 Fees

$1,900 AUD including GST.


2020 Dates

Intake 1 (2020)

  • Application close date: 5 November 2020
  • Study period: 10 November - 13 November 2020


Burnley Campus, University of Melbourne.

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Phone: +61 3 8344 0149

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As our world faces unprecedented changes, how can the urban forest community contribute to building healthier neighbourhoods for everyone?


This year’s Urban Forests Masterclass will focus on urban forests for resilient communities.

Green employment can bring renewed plantings to our neighbourhoods and create opportunity for people shifting their career path. Empowering communities to plant for the future brings us back to the roots of the urban forest movement in non-profit and community based stewardship.

Climate change brings opportunities for increased interdisciplinary problem-solving for creative solutions to challenges such as plantings in areas prone to bush fires.

Join us for conversations, lectures, and field trips to inspire positive thinking for urban greening opportunities.

Urban Forests Masterclass: the Australian School of Urban Forestry

Throughout this course, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the complexity of protecting, managing and restoring ecosystem function within urban areas.
  • Examine the human and societal benefits provided by access to green spaces in the urban environment.
  • Explore nature-based solutions to urban and suburban challenges.

Who should apply?

A successful urban forest requires an engaged and informed range of stakeholders, from community groups to land managers, planners and practitioners.

The program is suitable for all professionals in the sectors of urban greenspace, community advocacy, environmental health and policy management who have a desire to develop skills and gain knowledge in urban forestry.

Academic and teaching team

  • Dr Sara Barron
    Lecturer, The University of Melbourne

    Sara has worked in the fields of sustainable city planning and climate change visioning for over a decade, recently focusing her research on the multiple benefits provided by urban green spaces.

  • Principal Ian Shears
    Urban Forestry and Green Infrastructure

    Ian is one of Australia’s leading experts in urban landscapes and urban forestry. He has specialised in Urban Landscapes for over 25 years and has worked for over a decade with the City of Melbourne.

  • Dr Stephen Livesley
    Associate Professor, The University of Melbourne

    Stephen is a key member of the University of Melbourne’s Green Infrastructure Research Group and is leading research into the role of trees and other vegetation in providing environmental and social benefits.

This course is presented in partnership with the School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences.