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Stakeholders and Internal Influence

Stakeholders and Internal Influence is a practical, two-day course that develops the skills required to work effectively within, across and between organisations.


Please note: This course has been discontinued and will not run in 2019 or 2020.

The course has an intervention design with a full-day facilitated workshop, a four-week intervention period and a second full-day workshop. This spacing allows participants to reflect on what they have learned and put the learning into practice. There are also pre-course readings and leadership assessments to prepare participants, provide meaningful insights and build a base of relevant knowledge. Although the course involves only two days face-to-face, the individual experience is a genuine leadership journey.

The course covers the skills and tools that ensure positive workplace discussions and outcomes. What is your conflict and communication style? What issues could this cause? How do you build relationships and connections that help achieve workplace outcomes? How do you have conversations with team members, actively listen, provide support and coach them? How can you better understand your team members, your colleagues, and your organisation so that you can navigate a complex landscape? The course focuses on learning through doing and following activities with reflection. Every lesson leads to an actionable learning that makes a difference.

Intended learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course students should be able to:

  • Understand personal conflict and communication styles (both self and others)
  • Demonstrate adaptive communication skills
  • Understand how to effectively approach diverse workplace scenarios
  • Apply stakeholder mapping to team, department, organisation and / or industry
  • Understand how to measure communication effectiveness of self, team and organisation

Before you apply

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How to apply

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Study modes

Study modeDescriptionCourse code
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Non-assessed mode You are not required to complete assessments, your work will not be graded and you will not receive a transcript. NA-AUDITMC

Entry requirements

Please note: Entry requirements only apply to the assessed study mode.

  • An undergraduate degree or equivalent qualification, plus at least three years of documented, relevant professional experience; or
  • 10 years of documented, relevant professional experience that demonstrates the capacity to successfully undertake the course.

This course is available for domestic students (Australian or New Zealand citizens, Australian permanent residents and Australian permanent humanitarian visas).


Please note: Assessment only apply to the assessed study mode.

  • Each subject is formally assessed to meet the accreditation requirements of the University of Melbourne and designed to be practical and relevant to industry professionals.
  • For scheduled dates and assessment details, refer to the relevant subject in the course structure above. Assessments are to be submitted within four weeks from the on-campus participation.

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