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New Media

Use new media with confidence to share ideas in new and powerful ways.


Do you have a creative vision and enjoy using the latest technology? The use of ‘new’ media is increasingly important in our daily lives, community settings and workplaces, with new platforms and applications allowing us to communicate in powerful and meaningful ways.

In this course you will take an in-depth look at a wide range of new media, technology and software used in contemporary arts practice, exploring more deeply those that align best to your artistic vision.

Led by creative-digital experts from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music and delivered entirely online, you will learn to confidently use photography, video, projection mapping, light, photogrammetry and 3D modelling, and hot to use these various media to express and explore contemporary ideas.

In an immersive and interactive online environment, you will participate in tutor-led demonstrations learning the fundamentals of each medium and how they can be utilised in a creative process. You will also be given prompts to develop artwork that tests and expands your new skills, and to develop a compelling installation, exhibition, or performance-based project for a range of creative industry, community and professional contexts.

Reflecting current industry practices, you will act in multiple roles and collaborate across teams in the Creative Arts Studios, making the learning active and transformative.

New Media, which is part of Creative Arts Studios, is made up of  four individual studios delivered across the year. You can take as few or as many studios as you like, though we encourage you take all four to maximise your learning and deepen your practice.

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone interested in developing a new skill or honing an existing practice in the world of new media, designed to accommodate beginners through to more advanced practitioners. If you want to use new media to create compelling installations, exhibitions, or performance-based works, to help impart your perspective and influence others in unique ways, or simply explore new media and technology in a thoughtful and engaging environment alongside other like-minded individuals, New Media is for you. There are no eligibility requirements.

What you will learn

Each studio focuses on a key theme. Across the four studios, you will learn new media skills, find your own unique creative style, and how to use these skills to alongside others and bring a successful exhibition, installation or performance projects using new media to fruition.

Studio 1: Light and Shadow

Investigating light and shadow through observation.

  • What is new media?
  • Introduction to light and shadow
  • Overview of contemporary photographic practices
  • Foundational photographic techniques
  • Exploratory practices and expression based on the theme 'light and shadow'
  • Final creative exercise initiated by prompt related to 'light and shadow'.

Studio 2: Body and Movement

Investigating scale, movement and space through the senses.

  • Introduction to forms of display, scale, movement and the recorded body
  • Overview of contemporary video practices
  • Foundational video techniques
  • Exploratory creative practices based on the body and movement
  • Final creative exercise initiated by prompt related to body and movement.

Studio 3: The Collective

Investigating the relationships, including cause and effect, between objects, people and spaces.

  • Introduction to relational action and interactive media
  • Overview of contemporary multi-media practices
  • Foundational interactive-media techniques
  • Exploratory creative practices based on the prescribed theme of the collective.
  • Final creative exercise initiated by prompt related to the collective.

Studio 4: Collaboration

Investigating how an individual or object works within a group during collaboration.

  • Personal major study practice adapted into a collaborative learner-devised project (performance, installation, exhibition) on a theme defined by the CA Studios cohort (and guided by tutors).

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the studios, you will be able to demonstrate:

  1. Identification and use of new media skills, programs and techniques appropriate to a range of scales and formats
  2. Understanding of the complex roles and collaborative responsibilities of exhibitions, installations and performances
  3. Capacity to select from a range of technical and contemporary knowledges to inform a memorable and meaningful new media practice
  4. Collaborate with others for compelling creative productions.

For the full New Media experience, we recommend you register for all four studios. Alternatively, you can register for the individual studios of your choice.


This short course runs over one year, delivered in four individual studios.

Each studio comprises eight, three-hour sessions. This amounts to a total of 24 hours for each studio, or 96 hours for all four over the year.

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New Media Studio 3: The Collective

Wednesday 21 July 2021

New Media Studio 4: Collaboration

Wednesday 13 October 2021

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