Short course

Improvisation, Influence and Engagement

Develop your personal-professional identity to make a memorable statement.


In a crowded market, a strong personal-professional identity is essential to standing out and ensuring your organisation’s work gets the attention it deserves. Success begins with knowing who you are, how to represent your organisation’s narrative, who your audience is, and how to start conversations that drive mutually beneficial outcomes.

In this short, face-to-face or online course, performance professionals from within the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music draw upon multiple disciplines to help you build your own personal-professional identity for your workplace context.

You will learn to define appropriate channels and styles for promotion and marketing – specifically across traditional and social media – and become equipped with the improvisation and networking skills to engage and influence audiences authentically and comfortably in various contexts.

Who should apply

Improvisation, Influence and Engagement is ideal for anyone wanting to improve their ability to make a memorable and authentic statement, influence audiences, and engage with confidence to form productive networks.

What you will learn

In this course you will learn to define your brand and conceive of yourself as a marketable commodity. You will practice improvisation and communication, gaining skills to tell your and your organisation's story in an engaging, authentic and coherent way for a range of medias and contexts. You will practice the art of professional conversation that promotes workplace success.

Key content areas include:

  • Purpose – developing your personal-professional identity, how to speak from the heart
  • Connection – real time and in presentations, how to make productive contacts
  • The art of conversation – active listening and improvisation skills
  • Network building – know your audience, build your networks and know your platforms
  • Identity and branding – self as a marketable entity
  • The art of text and image (still and moving) – create a compelling narrative
  • Photography – find your light, know your angles, and present your best self
  • Memes and virality – a look at the most shared media and ethics of sharing.

On completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Understand then utilise the power of a well-constructed narrative
  2. Use a range of targeted, ethical communications modes appropriate to context
  3. Create and curate text and images for specialised projects
  4. Use performance-based skills and techniques for networking.

Improvisation, Influence and Engagement is part of the Artful Communications suite of courses. You can take it on its own or complement it with any other course from this suite, in any order:

Entry requirements

There are no eligibility requirements.


Delivery mode


Total hours

Face-to-face or Online

1 x 8 hour session (1 day); or

2 x 4 hour sessions (over 2 consecutive days)


Payment options

  • To pay by credit card, please enter your card details at the checkout screen when booking into the course.
  • To pay by invoice, please contact student support.
  • If you are experiencing any difficulties with the checkout process, please contact student support.

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