Short course

Finding Your Persuasive Voice

Activate your negotiation and persuasion skills.


Authentic, artful persuasion and negotiation skills are increasingly important in today’s professional workplaces. As well as in teamwork, these skills are essential to strong leadership, enabling influence and understanding, and the ability to enact cohesion and change.

Based on theories of rhetoric and debate, this short course will equip you to develop clear arguments and build your capacity to influence and negotiate with others to find a supported and mediated position.

Delivered in a face-to-face or online workshop, you will learn to articulate your view and use your persuasive voice to develop a coherent argument and enact cohesion and change within a range of professional contexts – from engaging with individuals to complex organisational change.

Who should apply

Finding Your Persuasive Voice is ideal for anyone who needs to impart their perspective and influence others – whether it be humble points of view to an individual, managing multiple viewpoints within teams, or to enact change on an organisational level. Having difficult conversations will be straight-forward after completing this course.

What you will learn

Taught by experts from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, you will learn to activate your powers of negotiation and persuasion, and how you can use these skills to improve both internal teamwork and professional client relationships and presentations.

Key content areas include:

  • Finding your voice(s) – developing unique vocal identities that are fit for purpose
  • Critical analysis and developing a coherent argument, rhetoric and debate
  • Analysing differences of opinion and enabling multiple viewpoints
  • Communication and decision-making techniques posited as leadership functions
  • Conflict resolution as a creative practice.

During the course you will undertake a series of workshop exercises where you will learn to manage multiple viewpoints while moderating your own views. You will learn to find your own unique voice and tone, and how to use them in a range of contexts.

On completion of this course, you will be able to demonstrate:

  1. Identification and use of vocal styles appropriate to context
  2. Use of critical judgments to curate ideas into a cohesive argument
  3. Capacity to navigate multiple perspectives to enable a shared decision
  4. Leadership through use of appropriate creative communication styles.

Finding Your Persuasive Voice is part of the Artful Communications suite of courses. You can take it on its own or complement it with any other course from this suite, in any order:

Entry requirements

There are no eligibility requirements.


Delivery mode


Total hours


or Online

1 x 8-hour session (1 day); or

2 x 4-hour sessions (over 2 consecutive days)


Payment options

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