Short course

Collaborative Leadership

Embolden your staff for a thriving workplace.


Harmony, collaboration and innovation is key to a thriving workplace. As a leader, fostering this atmosphere helps ensure creative input by staff while keeping everyone moving towards the same goal.

This short, face-to-face or online course uses valuable and well-proven lessons from the collaborative world of performing arts to equip you to creatively inspire your staff to self-motivate, innovate, show empathy, and optimise their work and processes.

You will discover new communication, team building and collaboration skills while building your own personal leadership style, enabling you to create a space where staff are emboldened and encouraged to add value to business propositions – because they are deeply invested in the team’s work.

Who should apply

Collaborative Leadership is ideal for anyone wanting to enhance their leadership skills to foster harmonious, innovative and thriving workplaces where staff feel encouraged and inspired to invest in their work.

What you will learn

Taught by experts in collaboration from the fields of directing, acting and design from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, and senior leaders from cultural and arts-organisations, you will learn a variety of tools, skills and practices that will enhance you as a leader and help you nurture a sense of belonging and shared purpose among staff. Through hypothetical scenarios and practice-oriented exercises you will learn how to apply new skillsets and practices to your own workplaces.

Key content areas include:

  • Diverse leadership modes and discovering your own personal-professional style
  • Creative, collaborative activities that enhance innovation with your team
  • Teambuilding through exercises and theatre games that foster trust and rapport
  • Communication skills that promote empathy, such as active listening and reflective practice
  • Finding and amplifying your organisation’s beat for staff to work in tune with each other
  • Positive workplace culture for healthy, safe and thriving work environments.

On completion of this course, you will be able to demonstrate:

  1. Understanding of a range of leadership styles
  2. Collaborative models for a range of leadership contexts
  3. Team-building activities appropriate to workplace
  4. Communication skills that match the workplace ‘beat’
  5. Workplace culture-setting strategies that promote a thriving community.

Collaborative Leadership is part of the Artful Communications suite of courses. You can take it on its own or complement it with any other course from this suite, in any order:

Entry requirements

There are no eligibility requirements.


Delivery mode


Total hours

Face-to-face or Online

1 x 8 hour session (1 day); or

2 x 4 hour sessions (over 2 consecutive days)


Payment options

  • To pay by credit card, please enter your card details at the checkout screen when booking into the course.
  • To pay by invoice, please contact student support.
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Thursday 16 September 2021

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