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Acting and Music Theatre

Be memorable to your audience through confident performance practices.


Authentic acting performance enables creative expression and is increasingly important in our creative industries, communities and workplaces.

Whether you’re acting, dancing or singing, in traditional theatrical settings or for diverse screen formats, having confidence makes you memorable. In work settings, delivering presentations with confidence supports you to achieve broad engagement and reach, influence, advocacy, and to enact change.

This course draws on the traditional canon of acting theory and practical approaches to acting and musical theatre to equip you to articulate your view, develop a compelling performance-based projects, and build your capacity to work with others. Reflecting current industry practices, you will act as director, actor and ‘triple threat’ performer – acting, singing and dancing – learn about the roles and production processes unique to working in a small company, and collaborate with those from other disciplines across the Creative Arts Studios.

You will be taught by performance experts from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music and in face-to-face workshops alongside other like-minded individuals. This highly active and transformative learning environment will set you up with the confidence, skills and industry know-how to make a lasting impression in your desired setting, whether industry-based or professional, for your personal creative projects or community environment.

Acting and Music Theatre, which is part of Creative Arts Studios, is made up of four individual studios delivered across the year. You can take as few or as many studios as you like, though we encourage you take all four to maximise your learning and deepen your practice.

Who is it for?

This course is ideal for anyone interested in enhancing their existing performance skills or unlocking them for the first time, whether you want to use them for traditional acting and music performance settings, in your workplace, or in other community or personal contexts. You might want to be more memorable at an audition, create compelling performance-based works, or impart your perspective and influence others in community groups or workplaces. If you enjoy collaborating in creative teams and sharing ideas, Acting and Music Theatre is for you.

There are no eligibility requirements.

What you will learn

Each studio focuses on a key theme. Across the four studios, you will learn to activate your acting, dancing and singing skills, and how they can improve your confidence in performing to specialist and non-specialist audiences, in relation to others, and in a range of contexts.

Studio 1: Light and Shadow

Investigating light and shadow through observation.

  • Finding your creative performance through the ‘voice’
  • Foundational acting and music theatre techniques with focus on voice and vocal performance
  • Overview of historical and contemporary practices
  • Exploratory practices and expression based on the theme light and shadow.

Studio 2: Body and Movement

Investigating scale, movement and space through the senses.

  • Finding your creative performance through the ‘body’
  • Foundational acting and music theatre techniques with focus on the body and movement
  • Overview of historical and contemporary practices
  • Exploratory practices and expression based on the prescribed theme of body and movement.

Studio 3: The Collective

Investigating the relationships, including cause and effect, between objects, people and spaces.

  • Finding your creative performance through ensemble
  • Foundational acting and music theatre techniques with focus on narrative, text and the ensemble
  • Overview of historical and contemporary practices
  • Exploratory practices and expression based on the collective.

Studio 4: Collaboration

Investigating how an individual or object works within a group during collaboration.

  • Personal major study practice adapted into a collaborative learner-devised project (performance, installation, exhibition) on a theme defined by the CAStudios cohort (and guided by tutors).

During the studio you will undertake a series of workshop exercises where you will learn to manage multiple viewpoints while moderating your own views. You will learn to work in a range of roles for performance and audition, and understand the relationships and collaborative frameworks essential to bringing successful performance projects to fruition.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the studios, where each studio builds your knowledge and skills further, you will be able to:

  1. Identify and use acting, dancing and singing skills and techniques appropriate to story and performance
  2. Understand the complex roles and collaborative responsibilities of live and screen-based performances
  3. Select from a range of historical, technical and contemporary knowledges to inform a memorable performance
  4. Collaborate with others for compelling creative productions.

For the full Acting and Theatre experience, we recommend you register for all four studios. Alternatively, you can register for the individual studios of your choice.


This short course runs over one year, delivered in four individual studios.

Each studio comprises eight, three-hour sessions. This amounts to a total of 24 hours for each studio, or 96 hours for all four over the year.

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Wednesday 21 July 2021

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Wednesday 13 October 2021

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