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Professional Boundaries

Gain perspective on respectful workplace behaviours.

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Online or Face to face
6 days + 2 weeks for assessment
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Power Skills
Artful Communications

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Monday 30 August 2021


Everyone deserves to work in a safe, respectful and encouraging work environment – but when this means different things to different people, how do you ensure a balanced and respectful atmosphere?

This Melbourne MicroCert provides a safe and creative environment for professionals to examine their own workplace behaviours, gain new perspectives on appropriate personal-professional boundaries, and better understand the experiences of their colleagues.

In a series of workshops, you will be guided by expert practitioners from the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Fine Arts and Music to reflect upon your own practice and develop meaningful responses to workplace scenarios.

Who is it for?

This Melbourne MicroCert is valuable for any professional who wants to gain a heightened awareness of their own workplace behaviour and how they relate to others, to ensure they are applying safe and respectful practices at work. These knowledges, skills and attributes can be applied with equal value to practices outside of the workplace.

Key topics

Professional Boundaries will enhance your understanding of mutually respectful communication techniques and behaviours. You will explore a range of workplace issues, such as:

  • Personal safety and respectful communication between colleagues
  • Appropriate boundaries to prevent sexual assault, harassment and bullying
  • Inclusivity
  • Communication contextualised for industry and business practices.

Learning outcomes

By harnessing tools from the creative and performing arts, you will be able to demonstrate how you define and use a professional boundary and communicate with others in real and imagined workplace scenarios. Upon completion of this Melbourne MicroCert, you will be able to:

  • Develop your own informed judgements regarding appropriate professional behaviours and their workplace cultural influences
  • Relate with professional colleagues in culturally safe ways, using a range of communication techniques
  • Exemplify the practice of caring for oneself in the context of others
  • Critically analyse workplace scenarios and personal-professional practice/s
  • Apply and appropriately reflect on relevant policy and standards and/or principles and protocols related to fairness, inclusivity, personal safety and interaction with others, associated with workplace settings.

Learning experience

This Melbourne MicroCert features a diverse range of creative and performing arts-based learning practices. Your facilitator will ensure you are learning in a safe space and you will be guided to share, reflect upon and creatively interrogate authentic stories from workplace contexts. Time will be allocated for ideas generation and testing, and peer and facilitator feedback.

Workshop content and activities will include:

  • Guided conversations
  • Narrative, discussion and personal reflection
  • Demonstrations, scenario building and role play
  • Interactive and experiential workshop activities
  • Peer-to-peer learning.

Who will you learn from?

You will be led by Suzie Hardgrave. Suzie specialises in acting and performance in contemporary theatre and has worked for companies including National Theatre of Scotland (UK), Melbourne Theatre Company (AUS), Performance Space (AUS), BBC Scotland (UK), Victorian College of the Arts. She is currently finishing her doctorate in acting and performance at Monash University.


This Melbourne MicroCert is delivered over six days, which includes six online two-hour workshops, plus independent learning and assessment time. Workshops for this Melbourne MicroCert can also be held face to face, over two consecutive days. Assessment is due two weeks after this.

Assessment consists of three parts:

  • Artwork: Using the techniques and tools provided in the workshops and readings, you will produce a creative response that demonstrates a critical evaluation of your own personal-professional practice. This may be a journal, performance, short film, soundscape, visual or written story.
  • Written explanation: A 300-500 word written explanation to accompany your artwork. This may be digitally presented, such as in audio form, or submitted as a written document.
  • Workshop participation: You will be encouraged to engage dynamically and productively in the workshops, demonstrating openness to new ideas, authenticity and respect for others.

Digital certificate

Upon completion, you will be awarded your Professional Boundaries Melbourne MicroCert. This digital certificate will include information and evidence of your developed and actionable leadership skills, knowledge and capabilities (as outlined in the learning outcomes). It may also include artefacts (such as videos and written material) related to both experiential and work-integrated learning, including translatable assessment that is practical to your professional life.

Where will this take me?

This Melbourne MicroCert will equip you with skills and awareness that you can carry throughout your professional life, no matter your role or workplace. It will help you reflect on and enact respectful workplace behaviour and dynamics as you relate with others, set and communicate clear boundaries, and leverage empathy to contribute productively to your organisation’s workplace culture for a positive professional atmosphere.

Pathways to further study

Professional Boundaries is designed to be taken as a stand-alone Melbourne MicroCert but you might wish to complement it with other Melbourne MicroCerts or short courses in the Artful Communications suite. These include:

Expiry of Melbourne MicroCert

This Melbourne MicroCert does not have any set expiry date.

Eligibility requirements

There are no eligibility requirements.


If you’re aged between 45–70, employed or recently unemployed (less than 9 months) and not receiving Australian Government employment assistance, you could be eligible for Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers. Skills Checkpoint is an Australian Government funded service that allows eligible individuals to access personalised support programs including one-on-one support with a career advisor.

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Monday 30 August 2021

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