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Personal Effectiveness

Learn to manage yourself and others effectively and efficiently

Study mode
4 weeks (42.5 hours)
Skills area
Adaptive Leadership

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Personal effectiveness is essential for managing and leading both the self and others. It helps individuals set priorities, make better decisions, allocate resources, sustain focus on outcomes and engage in practices supporting wellbeing. The foundation for personal effectiveness is self-awareness, developed through social interaction and individual reflection.

This Melbourne MicroCert will equip you with strategies to improve self-management of yourself and others, and the practical frameworks to implement them.

Using an evidence base, you will learn to manage time and stress, delegate and coach others, build adaptability and resilience, and achieve greater alignment between behaviour, goals and values. Attention will be paid to analysing your own practices, beliefs and behaviours to ensure you design tailored interventions that improve effectiveness. Evaluation and critical reflection learning how to continue your learned processes into the future so you can respond to different circumstances and challenges will also be key.

Who is it for?

Personal Effectiveness is designed for a diverse range of professionals seeking to develop their leadership ability and knowledge. You might be an emerging leader, seeking to enhance your leadership capabilities to complement technical knowledge and expertise, or wanting to advance into more senior leadership positions across any sector or organisation.

Key topics

Developed by academic experts, this MicroCert is based on real world needs to provide highly applicable skills and knowledge. It focuses on two key facets related to personal effectiveness:

  • Setting Priorities: Managing Time & Resources – managing your own time and resources rather than reacting to others. You will be introduced to frameworks to help you set priorities, understand current practices, and develop impactful actions.
  • Developing Resilience – exploring the different dimensions of resilience, why it is important and how to develop understanding and routines that help you respond to various challenging situations.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of Personal Effectiveness, you will be able to:

  • Explain how personal leadership impacts organisational performance, both positively and adversely
  • Identify leadership challenges and evaluate personal response strategies to overcome these challenges within their teams and organisations
  • Appraise opportunities to effectively manage limited time and resources, including personal resources (psychological wellbeing, resilience, cognitive load) to enable them to engage in sustainable and effective leadership.

Learning experience

Taught by leading experts, this highly flexible Melbourne MicroCert includes synchronous engagement and support, interactive learning tasks, and self-paced study. Live webinars,  skills development exercises, case studies and scenarios, contemporary readings and resources, facilitated group discussions, and hands-on workplace interventions and takeaways all feature to provide a rich and effective learning experience.

Who will you learn from?

Professor Peter Gahan researches labour markets, the changing nature of jobs and how workplaces are regulated and managed. His research has been used by policy makers and organisations across Australia over the last three decades, including commissioned reports for all state and commonwealth governments in Australia. As Foundation Director of the Centre for Workplace Leadership, Professor Gahan has also sought to find new ways to make academic research relevant for organisations and governments.


This MicroCert is taught over four weeks, comprising approximately nine hours guided learning, 13.5 hours private study, (including discussion forums and readings), and 20 hours for assessment tasks. Assessment includes:

  • A leadership development activity (60%)
  • A short-answer and multiple-choice questions (30%)
  • Discussion forum and webinar participation (10%)

Digital certificate

Upon completion, you will be awarded your Personal Effectiveness Melbourne MicroCert. This digital certificate will include information and evidence of your developed and actionable leadership skills, knowledge and capabilities.

Links to industry

Personal Effectiveness and the Leadership suite has been developed in consultation with leading professional services organisations, major business stakeholder organisations, and human resource management and organisational development practitioners. It features contemporary, industry-aligned and research-led curriculum to equip you with leadership skills applicable to the unique challenges and opportunities in Australia and globally. It is aligned with the accreditation criteria for Australian Human Resource Institute accreditation and the Society for Human Resource Management certification.

Pathways to further study

Personal Effectiveness is part of the Adaptive Leadership series, which focuses on core knowledge, skills and tools to recognise and navigate leadership opportunities and challenges in the context of digital transformation and dynamic competitive environments. Personal Effectiveness is also part of the Leadership suite, which comprises the Adaptive Leadership and Managing Teams series.

Managing Teams focuses on leading teams in a context of digital transformation and dynamic competitive environments. Both series provide a pathway to the Master of Professional Management.

You can take Personal Effectiveness as a stand-alone Melbourne MicroCert , or complement it with any other MicroCert in the Leadership suite, in whatever order you choose.

To use Personal Effectiveness or any other MicroCert in the Leadership suite in this way, you need to complete four MicroCerts from the Leadership suite, as each one is equivalent to one quarter of a standard subject, and then apply for credit once admitted into the Master of Professional Management.

Leadership suite

Adaptive Leadership series:

Managing Teams series:

Expiry of Melbourne MicroCert

This Melbourne MicroCert does not have a set expiry date.

Eligibility requirements

There are no eligibility requirements.


If you’re aged between 45–70, employed or recently unemployed (less than 9 months) and not receiving Australian Government employment assistance, you could be eligible for Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers. Skills Checkpoint is an Australian Government funded service that allows eligible individuals to access personalised support programs including one-on-one support with a career advisor.

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Upcoming dates for this course are yet to be announced.

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