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Intrapreneurship Fundamentals

Be empowered to turn innovative ideas into viable projects that your organisation will want to support.

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6 weeks
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Power Skills

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Monday 19 July 2021

What you'll learn

Large corporations and organisations increasingly expect employees to be innovative. They also expect them to understand the complexities of innovation and intrapreneurship within an existing business, and to be equipped to drive the idea through to application.

This course is ideal for professionals who aspire to improve their practice in innovation and intrapreneurship. It is co-designed with Telstra.

Sell your idea within a large organisation

Learn the importance of articulating how an innovation will be configured within the business – that is, by aligning with business results and creating benefits – in bringing on board all stakeholders. And how to construct a persuasive, fact-based narrative to propose a project with confidence.

Understand why innovation must be desirable, feasible, and viable

Learn that an innovation will not be successful unless it meets these three criteria: desirable – the key people who will drive its production and consumption must want it enough to be willing to change from what they are currently doing. Feasible – the organisation must be able to deliver it. Viable – the organisation must be able to deliver it cost-effectively.

Use self-reflection to manage risk and develop resilience

Learn about, and practice using, reflective learning to drive your personal growth. Develop behaviours and mindsets that are conducive to innovation, including managing personal and organisational risk and developing resilience.

Turn your own passion project into a pitch

Work on your own project throughout the course to build the necessary skills and social capital to be an intrapreneur immediately.

Who you'll learn from

Peter Cebon, Associate Professor

Peter is Program Leader of the Innovation Practice Program (IPP) at the University of Melbourne. Prior to joining the Faculty of Engineering and IT, Peter consulted to large organisations on their innovation strategies and taught innovation and management at Melbourne Business School.

Claire Dixon, Program Instructor

Claire is a facilitator, educator and human-centred designer with specialist skills in innovation, program and project management and stakeholder engagement. She has over 17 years of national and international experience across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, and is the founder of Smart Seeds.

Mark Danaro, Program Instructor

Mark is co-founder of the Centre for Intrapreneurship and member of the League of Intrapreneurs. Mark is passionate about people, education and technology, using Innovation and Intrapreneurship as the platforms to bring them together in a fun way.

Who is it for?

This MicroCert is suitable for a wide array of professionals working within product management, marketing, finance, operations and logistics and IT/technical roles who aspire to improve their practice in innovation and intrapreneurship.

To take this course, you are expected to be currently employed in a reasonably large organisation, or intending to do so soon.

Relevance to your job and industry

This MicroCert has been co-designed with the Head of Innovation at Telstra and their learning design team. A focus group of corporations who participate in the Innovation Practice Program has also reviewed the syllabus. Together, this ensures learned skills and knowledge are directly applicable to the real world.

The MicroCert will also be built around your own passion projects, helping you build the skills to be an intrapreneur in a very tangible way.

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Skills and learning outcomes

By the end of this MicroCert, you will be able to:

  • Create and iterate a narrative that demonstrates understanding of the overall innovation and intrapreneurship process, and key steps involved, including ascertaining whether an idea is feasible, viable and desirable
  • Establish practice of self-reflection to facilitate the development of innovative mindsets and behaviours.

Learning experience

This online course is highly practical, built around projects you are passionate about. You will come to the MicroCert with an idea and, during the six weeks, work in teams with similar challenges and ideas. This will allow you to understand, explore and practice the essential requirements and skills needed for a successful innovation – from selling your idea to execution.

Workload and assessment

This Melbourne MicroCert is taught over six weeks.

Your total time commitment is approximately 42 hours, which includes:

  • 12 hours guided learning (which includes one hour of asynchronous engagement and one hour of synchronous engagement per week)
  • 30 hours self-learning and assessment.


  • Business case narrative (80%)
  • Reflection on building innovation capabilities (20%).

Your digital certificate

Once you've successfully completed this course, you will be awarded your Intrapreneurship Fundamentals Melbourne MicroCert. This digital certificate will warrant the achievement of knowledge, skills and capabilities outlined in the learning outcomes. It may also include artefacts (such as videos and written material) related to both experiential and work-integrated learning, including translatable assessment that is practical to your professional life. See example certificate.

Expiry of MicroCert

There is no set expiry date.

Upcoming sessions

Monday 19 July 2021

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