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Digital Storytelling

Take charge of the narrative. Learn how to craft a persuasive story arc when communicating complex ideas.

Study mode
4 weeks (16 hours) + 12 hours independent learning + 12 hours for assessment
Skills area
Power Skills
Artful Communications

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Monday 30 August 2021


When communicating complex ideas, narrative is everything.

This Melbourne MicroCert will help you create compelling digital stories, which can assist when outlining the progress of a professional project, research or venture.

In an innovative online learning environment, you will be guided through how to craft an authentic and persuasive story arc and effectively communicate this to stakeholders. You will engage with the aesthetic and functional aspects of visual communications, learning how to storyboard and create avatars, as you develop your own personal-professional screen-based identity.

Drawing on your own professional context, you will learn how to drive key messages targeted for specialised audiences, and prepare a proposal for a short documentary, report or series.

Who is it for?

Digital Storytelling is ideal for professionals who wish to complement their existing strategic or business skillsets with creative communication skills.

Content is designed to be applicable to a wide range of industries and professionals who have a need to outline a compelling narrative or vision. You may be looking to be more persuasive with your collateral for funding applications, reporting of progress, marketing, or quality assurance and record-keeping activities.

Key topics

Throughout this Melbourne MicroCert, you will cover:

  • Creation of a story arc for a specialist the audience
  • Aesthetic and functional aspects of the creative process, including ideas generation, storyboarding, editing and curatorship
  • Scriptwriting and character sketches
  • Personal presentation and communication for persuasive influence.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of Digital Storytelling, you will be able to demonstrate:

  • A clearly articulated story arc including key messages for a specialist audience
  • Creative and contemporary aesthetic choices outlined through script, sketches and storyboards, music compositions and soundscapes, which reinforce key messages demonstrated through a range of genre
  • An understanding of technologies and new media used for documentaries
  • Capacity to prepare a project plan and budget for a documentary or short series.

Learning experience

This Melbourne MicroCert features immersive online learning approaches and technologies, such as digital studios and breakout rooms for active discussion and collaboration.

Workshop exercises may include:

  • Guided conversations
  • Collaborations and ensemble work
  • Narrative, discussion and personal reflection
  • Demonstrations, scenario building and role play
  • Examination of case studies and examples
  • Interactive and experiential workshop activities.

Who will you learn from?

Charles Tétaz is an experienced executive having worked as Director, Asia for NASDAQ listed Avid Technology for 20 years. During that time, he developed and mentored diverse teams throughout Asia, specifically in the media industry. He is currently intrigued by the challenges faced in a radically changing work environment, requiring astute insight to balance the needs of companies and individuals. Charles brings a commitment to digital storytelling as a powerful motivating tool to the design and delivery of this course.


This Melbourne MicroCert is delivered over four weeks. Each week you will undertake a two-hour synchronous workshop and a combined total of eight hours of asynchronous guided learning. You will also undertake a further 12 hours of independent practical experimentation and 12 hours for assessment preparation.

Assessment includes:

  • Draft story-world (30%)
  • Creation of a storyboard (30%)
  • Production plans for a documentary or short series (30%)
  • Observed participation in workshops (10%).

Digital certificate

Upon completion, you will be awarded your Digital Storytelling Melbourne MicroCert. This digital certificate will include information and evidence of your developed and actionable skills, knowledge and capabilities (as outlined in the learning outcomes). It may also include artefacts (such as videos and written material) related to both experiential and work-integrated learning, including translatable assessment that is practical to your professional life.

Links to industry

Digital Storytelling is a course which enhances your capacity to persuade your audience by creating a personal-professional identity that operates in tandem with a defined story-arc, which can be applied to any industry context.

Pathways to further study

Digital Storytelling can be taken as a stand-alone Melbourne MicroCert, or you can complement it with any other Melbourne MicroCert in the Artful Communications suite, in whatever order you choose.

Other Melbourne MicroCerts in the Artful Communications suite include:

  1. Generating Creativity (Melbourne MicroCert)
  2. Professional Boundaries (Melbourne MicroCert)
  3. Dynamic Presentations (short course)
  4. Creative Digital Communications (short course)*
  5. Finding Your Persuasive Voice (short course)*
  6. Collaborative Leadership (short course)*
  7. Improvisation, Influence and Engagement (short course)*.

*These courses will be available in 2021.

Expiry of Melbourne MicroCert

This Melbourne MicroCert will expire seven years from the date of issue as particular knowledge and/or skills may need to be refreshed.

Eligibility requirements

There are no eligibility requirements.


If you’re aged between 45–70, employed or recently unemployed (less than 9 months) and not receiving Australian Government employment assistance, you could be eligible for Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers. Skills Checkpoint is an Australian Government funded service that allows eligible individuals to access personalised support programs including one-on-one support with a career advisor.

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Upcoming sessions

Monday 30 August 2021

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