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As the world of work continues to evolve, enhancing your skills, knowledge and capabilities throughout your working life is increasingly important. Melbourne MicroCerts equip you to stay relevant. As industry-aligned microcredentials, they allow you to rapidly upskill to excel in your career now and in the future workplace.

Upskill now. Succeed into the future.

Melbourne MicroCerts are unique for bringing industry needs together with expert research. Our high quality, highly relevant offering enables you to get the edge as we move into the future workplace.

  • Industry-aligned for highly relevant skills

    Developed in line with industry needs and real-world scenarios to equip you with in-demand skills and knowledge you can apply immediately.

  • Developed by experts for high quality learning

    Underpinned by cutting-edge research and world-class pedagogical practice to ensure quality education that solves real-world challenges.

  • Future-focused for continued success

    Informed by the latest insights into the future of work to equip you with known future skill needs and the capabilities to adapt to continuous change.

  • Accessible and flexible for quick upskilling when it suits

    Small, focused units of learning offered in various delivery modes allowing self-paced learning and the ability to curate your own professional development pathway without committing to a full degree.

  • Shareable for quick recognition of your capabilities

    Awarded through information-rich digital certificates that can be shared with prospective employees or accrediting bodies digitally or via social media.

  • Stackable for opportunities to advance or specialise

    Some Melbourne MicroCerts may be used as credit towards a University of Melbourne qualification, providing an opportunity to deepen your knowledge in a specific area or build up to a recognised degree over time.

Explore all Melbourne MicroCerts

Skills for now. Skills for tomorrow.

The digital evolution, a changing demographic and climate change are some of the key macro trends impacting the world right now and changing the way we work. Melbourne MicroCerts have been developed in close consultation with industry to focus on the most pressing emerging and future skill needs in this evolving climate.


Equip yourself to manage and embrace continuous digital evolution, including skills in cybersecurity.


Learn to lead and manage effectively in new work environments, including skills in behaviour and expectation management.

Power skills

Get the competencies to adapt to change as an individual and in teams, with skills such as critical thinking, creativity and problem solving.


Gain capabilities to respond to demand for sustainable products and services, and contribute to business sustainability.


Get specific skills required to meet the unique challenges and changes of your industry

What is a Melbourne MicroCert?

In line with evolving learning and professional development needs, Melbourne MicroCerts are the University of Melbourne’s unique offering of a microcredential. These are an increasingly sought-after type of certification focused on specific knowledge, skills and capabilities. A key characteristic of microcredentials is that they connect the individual, education provider and industry. The achievement – in this case a Melbourne MicroCert – is awarded through an information-rich digital certificate that can be shared with prospective employers and accrediting bodies digitally and via social media, such as LinkedIn.

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