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Master the art of confident communication and win over any audience

In our oversaturated and over communicative professional space, making a meaningful impact is increasingly difficult. The way you communicate, build relationships, and interact with others all play a part in how successfully you convey yourself, your business and your message. To truly stand out requires a different approach.

The creative and performing arts have long history of engaging and capturing the attention of audiences, and the skills used to create successful performances can extend well beyond the arts.

By reshaping these skills for a professional context, they can teach individuals to communicate more effectively and authentically, build more collaborative relationships within their teams and organisation, and represent themselves and their employer to greater results.

At the University of Melbourne, experts in creative arts, psychology, and professional services have developed a range of courses that enable your teams to embrace their inner performer and communicate in an engaging, objective-driven manner – no matter the audience or circumstance.

I’ve always been used to standing and presenting but this is the first time I have sat down to present given we’re in a different time. [I have] presentations with key accounts [and] this has fine-tuned some of the areas which I can develop to create more impactful presentations. It has certainly been great to learn presentation courses so that we don’t end up falling back into old habits [of presenting]. Eric, Key Account Manager

Professionals need to communicate in a way that is:

  • Memorable

    Do you remember the key takeaways of the last presentation you sat through? A presentation isn’t made so it can be forgotten as soon as it’s done. Captivating your audience is one thing – leaving a lasting impression is another.

  • Relevant

    A presentation needs to reflect the presenter, the audience, and the situation. Standard presentation frameworks are often too generic to be effective or inspiring. Every presentation should not only convey a message, but connect and resonate with everyone in the room.

  • Personal

    Presenting and communicating are highly personal, changing between businesses and individuals. Presentation style needs to incorporate the values of your company, as well as the skills, roles, and personality of each individual team member to be successful.

What can you expect from this selection of courses?

What we offer

A range of courses designed to develop skills in presentation, interpersonal communication, and relationship building and development, that will enhance confidence in both personal and professional environments.

How we offer it

No two businesses are the same, and these courses have been designed with flexibility at their core. You can package courses and collaborate on delivery and design to best suit the needs of your team.

Courses available

Our range of courses cover several professional skillsets needed to design, create and deliver effective presentations.

Contact us

Our Business Development team is available to answer your questions, provide further information, or connect you with our experts.

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