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Melbourne InnovatEd is designed to incentivise, support and drive the creation and uptake of EdTech innovations within the Tertiary setting at the University

Key dates

17th July 2023

InnovatEd Bootcamp applications open

28th July 2023

Incubation Funding applications open

Monday 7 August to Friday 11 August 2023

Employability week

7th August 2023

InnovatEd Bootcamp applications close

15th, 18th, 19th August 2023

InnovatEd Bootcamp

28th August 2023

Incubation Funding applications close


5MF pitch event

October 2023

Incubation Funding awarded

Bootcamp applications

The InnovatEd Bootcamp is delivered free at Melbourne Connect and leverages the existing innovation ecosystem within the University, drawing on expertise from Chancellery, Learning Environments, Academic Divisions, the Melbourne Entrepreneurial Centre (MEC) as well as engaging with industry mentors. To ensure we offer a diverse group of Bootcampers the opportunity to participate we consider applications based on merit and our program selection criteria.

Applications for the 2023 Bootcamp are now closed.

Keep an out for our next Bootcamp in 2024.

Incubation Funding applications

InnovatEd Incubation Funding engages a three step application process to learn not just about the idea but importantly the team involved. Step 1 is a brief written application, step 2 short listed applicants pitch their project and in step 3 finalists define with the program team what support will benefit and grow their project.

Applications for the  2023 Incubation Funding are now open. Click here to apply

Applications close on the 28th August 2023. Applicants will be informed at the start of September of the outcome of their application.

If you have any questions,  please contact Nicki Cranna

Selection criteria

The InnovatEd selection committee will consider incubation funding applications from projects at any of the stages of maturity below. Applications should address an identified problem related to teaching, learning and assessment applicable in the higher education domain, the solution options, market and competition, team composition and the stage of development of that team, possible impact or anticipated impact of their solution, and planned use of incubation seed funds.

Stages of innovation project maturity

Description or characteristics


An individual or team identify a substantial pain point or problem, have scoped solution options, and outlined the market and users for the solution.

Proof of concept (POC)

The project founder or team have a strong understanding of the pain point or problem, a developed proof of concept illustrates the solution's potential to address users’ needs and the solution's target market is defined.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The project founder or team have validated a substantial problem, designed a minimum viable product that reflects their understanding of the market and competitive landscape.

In trial or part use

The project founder or team have a deep understanding of the pain point or problem, have developed a solution that is in trial or part use and are building measurement evidence of its’ market fit.

In use (scale / growth) and/or prior participation in an incubator or accelerator program

The project founder or team justify the product market fit of their developed solution against a validated problem.

  1. Written application

    Eligible individuals or projects should complete and submit the provided application form addressing the selection criteria (will be available on application opening date). Applicants are not required to have participated in the InnovatEd Bootcamp. Completed applications should be submitted via email. An application is expected to take 1 – 2 hours to complete. Submissions are reviewed by an expert panel to shortlist a small group of applicants who are invited to pitch to the selection panel the following week at the 5MinuteFunding event.

  2. 5MF pitch

    At the 5MinuteFunding shortlisted applicant teams have 5 minutes to convince the selection panel of their projects potential. Panel members engage with applicants to learn and discuss projects.

  3. Bespoke tailored support

    The final stage includes a negotiation process between the applicant team and the program staff to discuss and identify the milestones, both financial and non-financial for each InnovatEd project selected. The Selection Committee will confirm milestones and award funding based on the identified needs of the project. Incubation Funding will be tied to reporting obligations and will be released in tranches tied to milestones where appropriate.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to have participated in the InnovatEd Bootcamp to be eligible to apply for the Incubator Funding program?

    No, InnovatEd Incubation funding applicants are not required to have participated in the InnovatEd Bootcamp.

  • I am a University of Melbourne Alumni, can I apply for the InnovatEd program?

    Yes, University of Melbourne Alumni who graduated in the previous 3 years may apply

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