Selection Appeals

Selection Appeals to the Academic Board

A selection appeal may be lodged by applicants who have had their application for admission to the University rejected. In these cases, applicants must submit a request for review of their decision to the Academic Registrar in accordance with the Selection and Admission Policy. Applicants should lodge their request for review with the Associate Director Admissions.

I wish to appeal against a decision made by the University. How do I do that?

Please read and follow the instructions below carefully.

Step 1 – Identify the grounds for your appeal

Appeals to the Board arising from a selection decision may only be lodged on the following grounds:

  • a procedural irregularity has occurred in the selection process (which may include that issues of equity/special circumstances have not been addressed in the selection process)

Step 2 – Draft a letter of appeal

If an appellant believes that he/she has grounds for an appeal, an appeal letter should be drafted which:

  1. states the grounds for appeal as outlined above,
  2. includes as much information and detail as possible, and
  3. where appropriate, provides relevant evidence supporting the grounds on which you wish to appeal against the decision. Evidence may include documents such as previous qualifications, letters of support, email correspondence, etc.

We suggest that appellants use this template to help draft their Letter of Appeal.

Step 3 - Contact the Student Advocacy Service

The University has a single funded independent advocacy service , the Student Union Advocacy Service (SUAS), which is directly funded from the Student Services and Amenities Fee. The service is provided through the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) and is available to all students: graduate and undergraduate, on or off the Parkville campus.

You are strongly advised to contact a student advocate as soon as possible.

Student Union Advocacy Service
T: +61 3 8344 6546
Web Enquiry Form

Other services are also available and can be found on the University's Student Services Finder:

Step 4 - Submit your Letter of Appeal and supporting documents

Appeals to the Board must be lodged with the Academic Secretary in writing within twenty (20) working days of the outcome of the selection review.

Your Letter of Appeal and supporting documents should be emailed to the Academic Secretary or sent/delivered to the following address:

Academic Secretary
Level 7, Raymond Priestley Building
University of Melbourne  VIC 3010

Step 5 - Consideration of the Appeal

The Academic Secretary will consider the appeal and supporting documentation. If the appeal is dismissed without hearing the appellant will be notified within 10 working days of receipt of the appeal letter.

Step 6 - Attend the Appeal Hearing

The appellant will be notified by the Secretary to the Academic Board Appeal Committee of the time, date and location of the appeal hearing. The appellant is welcome to bring a support person to the appeal hearing but must notify the Secretary at least 24 hours prior to the hearing that they have elected to do this.

The appeal panel will comprise three members of the Academic Board, and at least one member from the relevant faculty will also be present.

The Academic Board will notify the appellant of its decision within five working days of the hearing.

For more information about the appeal process

Enquiries may be directed to the Academic Secretary on (03) 8344 7527