These Statutes and Regulations were revoked 21 July 2016.
See the new Statute and Regulations here


A statute is the primary legislative instrument that can be made by the University under Victorian legislation. Statutes can be enacted, amended and repealed only by University Council, and any statutes enacted, amended or repealed must receive approval of the Victorian Minister for Training and Skills (The Hon Steve Herbert) before they can take effect.

Statutes are enacted when required by Victorian legislation (for the affiliation of colleges or other bodies, for example). Otherwise they typically establish significant University policies and provisions applying to a group of entities or people. Matters of detail subject to frequent change and matters related to the detailed implementation of policy are dealt with at a lower level of legislation such as in regulation.


The Regulations are linked to the Statutes they relate to. The Regulations attached to Statutes have been brought up to date to include amendments made by the University Council at its meeting held on 14 December 2009, as well as editorial amendments. These regulations can be opened through the links shown in the statutes contents list.