Information for Students

VCA & External Students

The following guidelines apply to all students seeking permission to film at the University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus.

Application Process

The application process is listed on the Filming & Photography website and students should follow the steps on the How To page.

Please note: VCA and University of Melbourne students do not need to complete a Location Agreement. Students from other institutions will need to complete the Location Agreement.

Supporting Documentation

All students must provide a letter of support (or email) from the VCA Screen Production Coordinator or their academic supervisor stating the project forms part of their formal course assessment.


Centrally managed venues are available to book at the following times:

Monday – Friday: 8am – 9.30pm
Saturday – Sunday: 8am – 5pm

Faculty managed venues will be approved at the discretion of the individual faculties.


There are generally no associated costs for VCA students unless a dedicated Onsite Support Officer is required (usually when filming out of hours). Students from other educational institutions are considered external clients and charges will apply.

If you are a VCA student but the project does not form part of your course requirements you may be treated as an External Client. Please call us to discuss.

Service Centre Officer

Dedicated support is not required for VCA projects unless:

  • Your project involves a large number of crew/cast members.
  • Specialist technical knowledge of the venue is required eg. Open Stage, Council Chambers.
  • Filming will take place out of standard operating hours.
  • There are replica/fake weapons or security considerations.
  • As part of a faculty booking, Onsite Support is required.
  • The production is considered ‘risky’.

If dedicated support is required, current rates are available here.

South Lawn Underground Car Park

The South Lawn / Underground car park is an active working space and not bookable.  Requests are assessed on an individual basis and are accepted only in exceptional circumstances. Charges may apply.

Walk Through

A site recce is compulsory prior to students filming on campus.

A minimum of 1 crew member will be required to meet with:

  • Onsite Support Officer – this is a University of Melbourne staff member who is familiar with the venues and can answer any questions you may have.
  • The External Relations Filming Coordinator.
  • Security and Parking (where necessary).


VCA Students are covered by the University’s Public Liability Insurance if they are undertaking an authorised student activity.

Any cast or crew they bring onto campus to assist with their filming are covered under the University’s ‘volunteer’ category of insurance.

Students from other institutions must submit a copy of their home institution Public Liability Insurance in the form of a Certificate of Currency.

Students undertaking filming (that is not an official component of their coursework) will be required to hold current Public Liability insurance.


  • Students are reminded they are not permitted to undertake any ‘hot work’ whilst using the venues such as welding or using fire.
  • Anything that creates an ignition point is not permitted.
  • Candles are only permitted when they are fit for the area concerned. Permission for candles will only be granted prior to coming on campus.
  • Smoke machines must be approved prior to coming on campus.

Location Agreement

VCA and University of Melbourne students do not need a Location Agreement.

A University of Melbourne Location Agreement will be issued to all non-University of Melbourne students. This agreement must be signed prior to any student or crew/cast member entering campus. We do not sign external agreements.

VCA Responsibilities

The VCA is responsible for all VCA students whilst at the Parkville Campus.

Any damage or costs incurred will be invoiced to the Faculty of VCA & MCM who will pass on the charges to the student.

The letter of support from the VCA ensures and endorses that all students:

  • Hold level 2 first aid training.
  • Have fire warden training which includes fire extinguisher and hose reel training.
  • Have 1-3 years’ experience in technical equipment training.
  • Hold working with children checks (where required).
  • Are familiar with necessary food safety and handling guidelines (where required).
  • Are trained on the correct use of ladders (where required).
  • Have relevant studio inductions (where required).


Rachel Cummins
Sponsorship & Filming Coordinator,
External Relations
The University of Melbourne
Telephone: 8344 3883
Mobile: 0466 356 213

CJ Welsh
VCA Screen Production Coordinator,
Faculty of Fine Arts & Music
The University of Melbourne
Mobile: 0408 666 219