Mobile security

Tips to elevate smart device security.

1. Device Security

Ensure your smart devices are password protected or have an automatic screen lock feature enabled. This could be use of biometric features, having a passcode or screen lock timer across your devices. This prevents any unauthorised access in the event of losing your device.

2. Updates

Ensure your devices are up to date with their software updates. By enabling automatic updates, you are protecting your devices from being vulnerable to potential software bugs. Latest updates also contain security enhancements that previous versions didn’t address. Enabling automatic updates make it easier and save you the hassle from having to check for new updates.

3. Trusted Apps

Only download mobile applications from trusted sources. For Apple devices, use the Apple App Store. For Android, use Google Play. Downloading from these stores ensure applications have gone through the necessary security checks and are also have a public review score given by users. If you no longer use any applications, we recommend you remove it from your device.

4. Location Tracking

By turning on your device location feature, you can actively track your device in case you have misplaced or had your device stolen. There is also a feature to remotely wipe your data on a device if you are not able to recover it.