Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Last updated 1.31pm, 20 November 2020

Do not come to campus if you have a fever, chills or sweats, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, or loss of sense of taste or smell – however mild.

Follow this guide about getting tested for COVID-19 and what to do if you or someone you know tests positive, including notifying the University.

Recent updates

  • Only people approved to be on campus can be. If you can work or study from home, you must.
  • The University welcomes changes to Victorian restrictions which see our operations move from a Heavily Restricted status to Restricted. We plan for the return of a small number of additional students for essential face-to-face teaching and learning activities that cannot be completed remotely, as well as an increase in research and operational activities requiring access to campus.
  • We continue to review our return to campus plans and will communicate changes to affected students and staff as appropriate.
  • Visit the Department of Health and Human Services website for information on current restrictions.
  • Current information regarding confirmed cases of COVID‑19.

Find out what this means for you below.

How we are supporting our University community

The University of Melbourne continues to work closely with the Australian and Victorian governments and health experts. Our priority is the health, safety and wellbeing of our University community and we are doing everything we can to reduce infection rates in the community.

We have enhanced our health and wellbeing services, including telehealth, COVID‑19 hotline and testing at the University of Melbourne Health Service, our Safer Community Program, Counselling and Psychological Services and a new outreach program for students.

Student services, including library services, are being delivered virtually. Our virtual campus brings together vital information for everyone in our community.

We continue some priority campus-based research and have reinstated limited essential face-to-face teaching and learning activities in compliance with government and health advice.

We offer a range of support packages for students experiencing unexpected financial challenges because of COVID‑19.

We changed census, withdrawal and fee due dates, updated special consideration requirements and revised Weighted Average Mark (WAM) calculation methods for 2020.

Graduate researchers nearing the end of their candidature and those with projects affected by the pandemic will have their candidature and stipend automatically extended.

We introduced a range of COVID‑19 related workplace entitlements to support our staff.

Delivery of physical goods and services has been impacted and we are keeping suppliers updated.