Staff benefits

Support for staff required to self-isolate or who become ill with COVID-19, and are unable to work from home

Fixed-term and continuing staff who self-isolate due to testing positive for COVID-19, and are unable to work from home, will not be asked to use sick or personal leave, and will receive a payment equivalent to their salary for the duration of their isolation. The recommended isolation period is 5 days for general workers or 7 days for workers in sensitive settings. Please apply for Special Paid Leave (Quarantine) via Themis self-service in this situation.

The University will also provide casual staff with a COVID-19 Special Payment, equivalent to the hours they were expected to work within the duration of their isolation if they become ill with COVID-19 or are a close contact, and are unable to work from home. Please follow these instructions to submit a casual timecard in this situation.

Find out more on our dedicated COVID-19 page for staff.