Public health materials related to COVID-19

The University of Melbourne has put in place a number of public health measures to keep our University community safe and to comply with COVIDSafe guidelines. You will notice specific signage, posters and floor decals when you are on campus. In addition, our researchers have made significant contributions to help Australia understand and respond to COVID-19. This page features some of our key public safety materials and expert researcher content.


Bite-sized lectures – COVIDSafe Edition

Bite-sized lectures – COVIDSafe edition

Our COVID-19 Bite-sized Lecture series features University of Melbourne experts taking a deep dive into their research areas of expertise and explaining key aspects the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ventilation matters
Professor Jason Monty, Head of Mechanical Engineering and professor of Fluid Mechanics explains aerosol spread, how airflow moves and how his research has led to low-cost solutions being used in hospitals and hotel quarantine to reduce the risk of transmission.

Vaccines: our passport out of the pandemic
Why is it so important that we get most of Australia’s population vaccinated against COVID‑19? And what do we know about vaccine safety and risks vs benefits? Associate Professor Nigel Crawford from our Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences and founder of the Melbourne Vaccine Education Centre explains why vaccines are our passport out of the pandemic.

Become a vaccine champion
Dr. Jessica Kaufman, Honorary Fellow at the University of Melbourne and a Research Fellow in the Vaccine Uptake Group at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, looks at vaccination-related communication, normalising vaccination and debunking misinformation in the vaccine safety space. She also talks about practical ways to become a vaccine champion.

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With vaccination key to getting out of the pandemic, these clear and concise videos answer common questions and bust widely-shared myths about the vaccines.

Associate Professor Margie Danchin, from our Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences and Group Leader of Vaccine Acceptance, Uptake and Policy at Murdoch Children's Research Institute, answers some key questions asked by the Australian community about COVID‑19 vaccines and vaccination.

NOTE: This is general information only. For tailored personal or health advice always speak to your health professional.

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Key public health messages

A series of short, action-based videos, each focusing on a particular aspect of public health messaging – for example, hand hygiene, distancing.

Signage and other collateral

The University has developed a range of COVIDSafe signage and collateral that you will see around campus. This is designed to keep our campuses COVIDSafe so please comply with the public health directions as signed.

Staff who need to download collateral can contact

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