Groups visiting the University

What to do if someone in your group tests positive for COVID-19

The University will publish information about COVID-19 cases on campus on our website – event attendees and members of visiting groups should be encouraged to monitor this site during the week after their event or visit.

Mutual obligations

In line with our obligations to take all reasonable steps to manage and mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission on our premises, we require all visiting groups to agree to a mutual notification process should any member of the group who has been on University premises turn COVID-positive.

The organising group lead is required to notify the host area as soon as reasonably possible that a COVID-positive person has attended a University location, providing the time, date and location that they attended. The host area will then notify the University’s Public Health Network. It is not necessary to provide us with any personal details of the individual.

The COVID-positive person should also be encouraged to notify the University directly by following our testing and notification guidance.

The University commits to listing all COVID-19 cases on campus on our website for the information of visiting groups.

The University may also provide additional advice to visiting groups if a COVID-positive person has been on site during a group visit or activity and identifies there is an elevated risk of exposure. The host area will notify the organising group lead as soon as possible to ensure they can take all necessary steps.

Vaccination requirements

The University continues to strongly encourage individuals to remain up to date with their COVID-19 vaccinations but does not require evidence of vaccination in order to access campus.*

*There are some circumstances under Public Health Orders and in some host workplaces where vaccination is required.