A Walk on the Wise Side

Mindfulness is a state of mind, or actually a state that’s beyond our minds and their limitations. To really understand mindfulness and its benefits, we need to practice it. That's where our podcast comes in. Within these six episodes, senior lecturer and mindfulness expert Dr Stephen McKenzie will take you on a journey from where you think you are in life, to where you really are. Along the way he'll be helping you to answer your burning mindfulness questions, and guiding you in step-by-step practices that you can do at home.

Episode 01 – Beginning the mindfulness journey

Welcome to A Walk On The Wise Side, a six episode series on mindfulness in the modern era. If you’re feeling burned out, lost, or overwhelmed with current affairs, you’ve come to the right place.

Episode 02 – More on mindfulness

A Walk On The Wise Side continues with more on mindfulness - that is, what mindfulness really is, and isn’t, and how it can really help you.

Episode 03 – Mindfulness and behavioural change

If you’ve listened to both episodes 1 & 2 of A Walk On The Wise Side, you might be curious as to how mindfulness can have a positive effect on your behaviour, and how it can help you respond to major life challenges.

Episode 04 – Downloading mindfulness

In the fourth episode of A Walk On The Wise Side, we’re looking at the different mindfulness apps that can help people, the other resources that are available, and how you can make them work for you.

Episode 05 – Coming together

In the fifth episode of A Walk On The Wise Side, we’re doing things a little bit differently. We’ve invited four experts from some great life wisdom traditions to give us some tastes of truth.

Episode 06 – Looking ahead

In this final episode of A Walk On The Wise Side, we pickup where we left off - by asking a brand new batch of wise minds what they think when they think of mindfulness.