Made Possible By Melbourne

Showcasing the world-changing research at the University and the real world impact it creates.

Keeping knowledge alive

Australia's cultural record is part of our identity. Unless care is taken to conserve it with a clear cultural understanding, its context could be lost.  Our Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation is working with senior Indigenous knowledge holders to keep Australia's story alive.

Rearranging the way we learn

Moveable walls, beanbag drop zones and free-range layouts. Today’s classrooms would be barely recognisable to teachers from yesteryear. By changing the way school classrooms are structured, our researchers from the Melbourne Graduate School of Education and the Melbourne School of Design are improving the way children learn.

Music as medicine

Can music revolutionise dementia care? A University of Melbourne global study is using music to support people with dementia and associated depression.  Our Creative Arts and Music Therapy Research Unit is leading the Australian arm of the study into music therapy, and how it can improve the lives of millions living with dementia.

What does wheat become?

Micronutrient malnutrition affects more than two billion people worldwide and is often referred to as “hidden hunger”. Researchers from our School of BioSciences are redesigning wheat to address this global problem.

Ending avoidable blindness

Diabetes is a major cause of vision loss among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Up to 98% of this is preventable. Our School of Population and Global Health researchers are on track to end preventable blindness among Indigenous Australians.

Making work fairer

A proactive model helps the Fair Work Ombudsman track down employers who exploit or underpay their workers. Researchers at the Melbourne Law School and the Melbourne School of Government are working with the Fair Work Ombudsman to develop policy that puts workers' rights first.

Positive psychology

Positive psychology in schools is exploring how best to apply the science of wellbeing in key learning environments - helping students develop skills for life.  Our Melbourne Graduate School of Education researchers are working with schools to change young peoples’ lives with the science of wellbeing.

Engineering a smart city

An app that can get you from A to B faster and safer? The technology to transform our burgeoning city transport systems into intelligent networks is already here. Our Melbourne School of Engineering created a living laboratory in Melbourne to engineer a smarter, safer and more sustainable transport network.