Prof Abbas Rajabifard presents at ‘Lessons from Lockdown’ virtual conference

On Monday 14 September, CDMPS Director Prof Abbas Rajabifard virtually attended and presented at the conference ‘Lessons from Lockdown’, participating as a panel expert for a discussion on the topic of ‘Lessons from the failures of COVIDsafe: Planning for the future’.

The audience was a diverse mix of school leaders, policy makers, teachers, and academics from Australia, the UK, USA, Indonesia, Pakistan, Noumea, New Zealand, Iran, and Ghana.

The discussion was based around the success and failures of the COVIDsafe – track and trace application, and reflection of what was done well and what could be improved for the future.

One key takeaway from the discussion was that COVID has made us acutely aware as a society about topics which were once unfamiliar (track and trace, spatial technologies, epidemiology, among other topics), as well as about the importance of interdisciplinary cooperation.

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