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Our doctoral program

The doctoral program in Decision, Risk and Financial Sciences at the University of Melbourne provides training in the conceptual principles and research techniques across the social, biological and mathematical sciences fields that analyse human decision-making and problem-solving at individual and market levels. Students draw on experimental methods and conceptual principles to deliver solutions to key research questions relating to decision-making.

The program is made up of a 2-year Master of Commerce coursework program followed by a 3-year PhD.

Training is provided by leading researchers from the Faculty of Business and Economics, the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, and the Melbourne School of Engineering. It includes two lab rotations in labs at the University of Melbourne or elsewhere.

The program is located in Parkville, one of the largest precincts for biomedical research in the world, which provides access to cutting-edge research facilities, including state-of-the-art biomedical imaging platforms.

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