Robert Woods

Robert Woods 

Research Assistant, Centre for Brain, Mind and Markets

About Rob

Rob Woods is a researcher who joined the Centre in April 2019. His work involves trader strategy design, trading robot implementation, financial market and game theory, and project management.

Prior to working with CBMM, he worked in the horticultural technology sector where he undertook a range of roles within the same company. Originally employed to service and install greenhouse climate control systems, he quickly moved into a sales and design position before being appointed the Manager of Product Development, where he completed the overall product concept as well as the electrical and software design. After four years in the position, he was asked to lead the business restructure from the position of Business Analysis with a focus on standardisation of all procedures and products within the business and ensuring efficiency across departments.

Rob also spent 18 months heavily involved with the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, writing is own algorithmic trading robots, as well as hosting many introductory blockchain talks, consulting on multiple projects, and presenting to regulatory and standardisation bodies with interest in understanding the blockchain space.

While working with CBMM, Rob has also worked as a Tutor for the University of Melbourne undergraduate finance subject Foundations of FinTech where he took a key role in the blockchain component.

Contact details

Email: robert.woods[at]
Office: Level 12, The Spot, 198 Berkeley Street, Carlton

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