Nitin Yadav

Nitin Yadav 

Senior Lecturer, Centre for Brain, Mind and Markets

About Nitin

Nitin Yadav is a senior lecturer in computational finance. His work involves the study of the complexity of decision making (in particular NP-Hard problems) and the application of techniques from computer science and artificial intelligence to problems in finance. Together with Peter Bossaerts, Nitin developed a new subject on Algorithmic Trading in 2017. The aim of this subject is to make undergraduate students familiar with the concepts and technologies used for algorithmic trading, allowing them to develop the skills to conceive robot traders themselves and test them through participation in experimental online markets. Nitin’s other research interests lie in the areas of service composition, intelligent agent systems, and use of formal techniques for testing agent designs.

Nitin obtained his PhD in Computer Science from RMIT University in 2014 and worked as a research fellow in the agents group there before joining The University of Melbourne. He also holds a Bachelor degree in Medicine and Surgery, a Master degree in Computer Science with a specialisation in artificial intelligence, and a Master degree in Finance.


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Contact details

Email: nitin.yadav[at]
Phone: +61 3 9035 3118
Office: Level 12, The Spot, 198 Berkeley Street, Carlton

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