Kristian Rotaru

Kristian Rotaru

Senior Lecturer, Monash University, Mgmt Accounting & Accounting Info Sys.
Centre for Brain, Mind and Markets, The University of Melbourne

About Kristian

Kristian Rotaru received a doctorate degree in Economics in 2010 from Monash University. He also holds a ‘Candidate of Sciences’ degree in Economics (equivalent to PhD degree) from State Investment Professionals’ Academy, Russia, a Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Monash University), and a Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours) degree in Psychology (Monash University). Apart from his engagement at CBMM, Kristian is a senior lecturer in Monash Business School where he teaches Masters and Honours courses on the use of technology and analytical techniques for decision-making. Kristian is a member of the Strategy Committee and Steering Committee at Monash Business Behavioural Lab (MBBL) and is affiliated with the Brain and Mental Health (BMH) lab at Monash University.

Kristian’s research focuses on affective decision making in everyday economic behaviours, on neurocognitive and functional correlates of addiction, and on designing and testing interventions for behavioural change. In his research, Kristian uses a range of techniques, including eye tracking, pupillometry, electrodermal activity assessment, electroencephalography and functional imaging. In June 2018, he was presented with Commonwealth Bank Award for Financial Wellbeing at the Behavioural Exchange (BX2018) conference. In October 2018, his paper co- authored with the CBMM team and titled “Building Financial Skills Training Schemes” received the best paper award at the 8th Behavioural Finance and Capital Markets Conference.

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