CAIDE Videos

Three Questions with CAIDE

CAIDE Co-Director Tim Miller asks Associate Professor Tatiana Cutts about legal decision-making algorithms.

AI and the Future of Exam Supervision

Professor Jeannie Paterson and Dr Simon Coghlan

Does the COVIDSafe app protect your privacy?

Professor Tim Miller and Professor Ben Rubinstein

AI, Ethics in Film, Media and Literature

For our subject AI, Ethics and the Law the CAIDE team made a series of videos to discuss the issues that arise in our favourite media pieces.

I, Robot: What can Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics teach us about digital ethics?

Professor Tim Miller, Co-Director

What can Minority Report teach us about the future of AI and Policing?

Adam Lodders, Academic & Research Programs Manager, CAIDE

Skyward: What are the implications of voiced AI on diversity and inclusion?

Associate Professor Tatiana Cutts, Melbourne Law School

Altered Carbon: Are we creating a digitally equitable world?

Gabby Bush, Project Officer, CAIDE

Her, Ex Machina and Alexa: Why do service and companion bots have female voices?

Professor Jeannie Paterson, Co-Director, CAIDE

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: Should machines decide who gets the chocolate?

Kobi Leins, Senior Research Fellow in Digital Ethics

What can Wall-E teach us about algorithmic decision making?

Debbie Gonzalez Canada, PhD Candidate, School of Ecosystem and Forest Science, Tutor for AI, Ethics and the Law.

Orwell: What are the ethics being questioned in video games?

Dr Marc Cheong, Senior Research Fellow in Digital Ethics

Her: What are the ethics of human-robot companionships?

Dr Simon Coghlan, Senior Research Fellow in Digital Ethics

The Matrix: What do we learn about regulating technology?

Henrietta Lyons, PhD Candidate, School of Computing and Information Systems, AI, Ethics and the Law tutor