SMART Resume

Preparing your resume, online professional profile and pitch can take time and planning. Great feedback helps improve your job portfolio, your confidence and your success.

SMART Resume offers instant and targeted suggestions, secure 24/7 real-time guidance on your resume. As a recent graduate, you have access to the online program for 12 months following your graduation.

Your access also includes:

  • Career Fit: Get an assessment of your fit towards a target career or industry function to help you prioritise your career preparation and planning
  • Aspire: Get detailed feedback and guidance to improve key LinkedIn profile elements for career, search engine ranking and profile visibility
  • Elevator Pitch: Improve your delivery of speech and focus on content strength while communicating in interviews

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Ready to start?

  1. Get on the platform using your student login details
  2. Upload your resume
  3. Get instant feedback and suggestions
  4. Make the changes that the system suggests offline and re-upload your resume to improve your score. The platform is AI-driven so to improve your score, you will need to make all the recommended changes

Your access allows for ten complimentary online resume checks. Remember to action all feedback before re-uploading, so you don’t churn through uploads and hit your limit too soon. Re-uploads are best used when you tailor your resume to a different role, that is, when you are making some noticeable changes to the document.

Note: One-on-one career support is only available to current students and does not form part of your access.