Ask Alumni Live: Entrepreneurship in EdTech

With a background in journalism and media, entrepreneurial alumna Madeleine Grummet will share advice based on her sector-spanning career and experience of consulting, strategy, and business mentoring. She is the founder of several companies, including girledworld.

Madeleine Grummet

Tech Diversity Winner I VC Investor I Innovation Expert I Founder I Keynote Speaker I Design Thinker I Board Director

Madeleine is an award-winning education technology entrepreneur, executive board director, innovation expert and Co-founder and CEO of global business girledworld, which to date has worked with 30,000+ high school students to equip them with skills for the future of work. Madeleine has worked with federal and state governments, universities, Microsoft, Virgin, Telstra, ANZ and many more partnering on strategy, content and program delivery across leadership, entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, STEM, lifelong learning and systems design. Madeleine’s focus is on new world leadership, disruptive innovation and 21st Century education to unlock individual potential, ignite debate and catalyse the shifts in status quo we need to see in traditional business, economic models and society to solve complex global issues, design bold solutions and build purpose-led startups, communities and cultures. She is a graduate of the University of Melbourne Master of Entrepreneurship.