Ask Alumni Live: Crafting the Now, Designing the Future

With a background in architecture and a truly creative vision, alumnus Mond Qu mentors architectural studios around the world and has founded an innovative multidisciplinary studio designing environments, products and experiences. Hear his career insights.


Mond Qu
Founder and Director @United Make (UDMK)

Designer, narrative animator, and digital craftsman. Mond Qu is the Founder of United Make, an experimental think-tank and multi-disciplinary studio based in Melbourne. Mond pushes the frontiers of design through the act of making; from deep materials research, visceral immersive experiences, interactive artworks or modular furniture, to large-scale speculations. Working in research, practice, and teaching internationally, Mond challenges designers to innovate and embrace the challenges of the 21st century. Mond is a graduate of the University of Melbourne Master of Entrepreneurship and has worked as an architect, digital prototyping lab assistant, film editor and consultant. He also created his own digital island, Aditnálta, on GoogleMaps, exploring new opportunities to re-imagine, re-design and re-build a realm without physical boundaries, limits or rules!