With your support, we can break down barriers to education

Tyrone BeanI never aspired to finish school beyond year 10. In my family, completing year 10 was a considerable achievement. But with the support I received from people like you who believed in my potential, I finished year 12 and was accepted into the University of Melbourne. My family and I were thrilled!

Moving from an Aboriginal community to Melbourne was going to be a major transition, and I knew it would be difficult to afford the move, as well as the day-to-day living and study expenses.

Receiving a scholarship changed my life. Thanks to supporters like you, I’m now studying a Master of Teaching and loving every minute of it. It went beyond just financial assistance, I received invaluable mentorship opportunities that helped me in visualising and working towards my career goals.

I plan to do a PhD in Indigenous education and to one day head back to my Kabi Kabi country to teach disengaged young people. I want them to see the opportunity of education and where it can take you.

My horizons have been expanded beyond what I ever thought possible, and now I am striving to be the best I can and to represent others who also need someone to believe in their potential.

With daily costs like living, transport, textbooks and potential relocation all adding up, there are still many talented and ambitious aspiring students who don’t have the means to pursue tertiary study. You are the crucial lifeline in helping to break down the barriers to education.

Please donate to the University of Melbourne by 30 June* to ensure more students have the same opportunities that I had, and a university experience to cherish forever.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting scholarships at the University of Melbourne.

Tyrone Bean

2nd Year Master of Teaching (Secondary)  

*Gifts made before 30 June will be tax deductible this financial year for Australian tax payers. If you have recently made your donation, thank you for your generosity.