NGV Triennial: University of Melbourne ‘Voices’ bring research and art to life

Five global themes that impact the world.
A host of online global commentators.
Hundreds of conversations and ideas.

Triennial Voices The NGV Triennial is a free exhibition that celebrates contemporary art and design in the work of over 100 artists and designers from 32 countries.

Triennial Voices — referring to the billions of voices that make up our global community — is the online editorial portal of the Triennial.

As Research Partner of the NGV Triennial, the University of Melbourne invited artistic and academic contributions from thought leaders in the arts, creative arts, engineering, medicine and architecture to the five themes of the Triennial: movement, change, virtual, body and time. The resulting podcasts, films, essays, articles, poems and sound recordings are housed in Triennial Voices online and in a specially designed space in the heart of the exhibition and on Level 3 at the NGV International.

The full list of University of Melbourne contributors and links to their art work can be found here.

Triennial Voices was curated by four theme leaders: Nikos Papastergiadis (Melbourne), a pre-eminent academic on mobility and migration, Director of the Research Unit in Public Cultures based at The University of Melbourne; Meitha Al Mazrooei (Dubai), a rising star of publishing and critical discourse around the rapidly changing landscape of Middle Eastern architecture and design; Hannah Black (New York), a UK-born artist and writer; and James Bridle (Athens), an English artist, writer and technologist.

Content for Triennial Voices was then sought from international thought leaders selected by the NGV and the University of Melbourne. Our contributing thought leaders were: Dr Vijay Rajagopal with Professor Peter Vee Sin Lee (Melbourne School of Engineering), Associate Professor Justin Clemens (Faculty of Arts), Professor Jane Davidson (Faculty of Fine Arts and Music), Professor Marcia Langton AM (Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences), and Mr Paul Loh (Melbourne School of Design). These academics then invited contributions from creative and critical thinking University alumni, research students and others from their own global networks.

Triennial Voices is free and on display until 15 April as part of the NGV Triennial at the National Gallery of Victoria.