Melbourne is leading the way in cancer research

Cancer Research UOM The University of Melbourne is home to world-leading academics in cancer research. Our research in cancer covers the entire lifecycle of the disease and the patient’s journey.

Each stage is critical and interconnected, which is why we have a number of global experts leading the teams looking at prevention, treatment, quality of care, palliative care and educating the next generation of researchers and clinicians so the breakthroughs and innovation can continue.

One of the experts featured in the video above is Professor Sean Grimmond who holds the Bertalli Chair in Cancer Medicine. He is leading the way in personalising cancer treatment.

Also featured is Professor Alex Boussioutas who is using genomic profiling to detect biomarkers for early detection in certain cancers – this can inform tailored preventative care.

What is evident from speaking with Melbourne experts is that the best treatment decisions for people are made in teams and across disciplines, and increasingly important in that collaboration is the voice of the patient themselves.

The University of Melbourne is revolutionising the way we treat cancer with a multidisciplinary approach to prevention, treatment and cure.

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