Introducing Alumni Career Compass

We know that navigating life after uni can be challenging. Transitioning from study to establishing your career is a significant life change.

Career Compass That’s why we’ve put together a special offering designed specifically for recent graduates or those early in their careers – to help you take the next steps to excel in your career.

Ask Alumni Live is a series of free events that will inspire your career planning, whether you're just starting out or looking to take on the next challenge.

With panel discussions, live-streamed interviews and networking opportunities, we've gathered industry experts from all around the world to bring you the insights you need.

Hear from alumni including John Tass-Parker, Head of Politics and Government at Instagram in the US, as he discusses his career highlights; or Madeleine Grummet, award-winning innovation expert and co-founder and CEO of global business girledworld, as she shares her tips and industry advice; and Madeline Miller, whose legal career has taken her around the world and to the UK, where she most recently worked as a production attorney on the latest James Bond film.

Whether you're planning an international career, running a business, or keen to future-proof your skills, we've got you covered.

Browse our full program of events – and register early to avoid missing out!